English Explanation:

The Aplus 300 combines the best features of the successful aerobatic 3D
micro electric helicopters in the market today and goes to the next level
with innovations to further improve responsiveness and flight capabilities.

The control system is the preferred precision 120 degree eCCPM type with a boom mounted rudder servo. All propulsion and flight control elements are mounted close to the roll axis of the Aplus 300 for a lightning fast roll rate with no pendulum effect from off center components. Stripped tail rotor gears are a thing of the past since the Aplus 300 features a belt driven tail rotor and built-in main rotor autorotation system.

If you have spent great amounts of money on upgrades to improve the flying characteristics and looks of other helicopters, you will be pleased to know that the Aplus 300 comes with all upgrades as standard equipment. The entire helicopter is constructed of high quality aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber. All of these parts are precisely manufactured on Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines to guarantee accurate fit, form and function in the finished product.

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