Product Picture
SJM430 (500 Class) Helicopter Preview
SJM 430 with SJM Motor & ESC
Kit weightĄG970g
RTF weight:ĄG1750g
Kit length(including the canopy):940mm
Kit width:ĄG160mm
Kit heightĄG280mm
Main rotor diameterĄG990 mm
Main rotor specificationĄG430mm
Flybar rodĄG390mm / 340mm
Tail rotor diameterĄG202mm
Main shaft diameterĄG?6mm
Tail rotor shaft diameterĄG?4mm
Tail boom diameter (outer)ĄG18mm
Main rotorĄGChangeable screw distance
Adjustable mixing control;
Revolving swash plateĄGccpm120 degree
Main drive gearĄGM0.6 125T
Speed ratio of main and tail drive gearĄG1ĄG4.82
Motor And Other Electronics :
A set of remote controller and receiver with over six channels( in support of ccpm120degree) (optional)
A set of motor, ESC and BEC4.8~6v (optional)
One or more batteries 22.2v (optional)
4 servos (optional)
One gyro (optional)
One battery charger (optional)