Our Dexterity 3D small Helicopter push in market for some days, they are very good effect and have good feed back from our customer, we also have some comment from our member, they fly this little Helicopter very good, but most of them would like to update their little Helicopter, to make it more cool and fly more longer, in this moment, you only have two choice to make it fly longer. One is used a bigger mAh Battery or used brushless mtor, here is my little experience of my modification to change it to Brushless Dexterity 3D Helicopter project, she used 150mah Li-po Battery fly more long time and hovering very smooth, here is some picture to show how my work of that little Helicopter.
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Main farm - I feel the main farm can improve more and more hard to maintain Strong 3D hovering, I cover with the 0.5mm Carbon Fiber Board and tide up with the little screw ( 3mm x 1mm ) and make the shape little longer for more easy to fix the 150mah or 200mah Li-po Battery.-see picture

Motor - The BA 1230 Motor or Faigo FG-MBLN-120 little brushless just good for this, but the tail motor is too small for the brushless, I try to used BL 1209 little motor, but it's sometime not too stable, so I decided to used the original BL tail motor. - See Picture
ESC - The BL BABS10A ESC is good choice or you can used phoiex 10 instead that, then you need to soldering the Power sauce wire together for Brushless ESC & tail ESC. - see picture

Fixup Servo - I choose to make the little fix board from the 0.5mm Carbon Fiber Board to fix the Servo, that will make make the Ball Link shorter, more strong to control, anyway you can just stick or fix the servo on the Main board.-see picture

Here is some setup reference for Regular 3D Dexterity Helicopter from FUTABA T9CHP Transmitter, if you would like the set up from JR, please visit Blue Arrow.

1.Set HELI mode, swashplate and PPM mode
Take out the instruction, turn on the power and enter the setting menu, select ¡°enter¡± and then set the HELI ¡¢swashplate and PPM mode.

Select PARAMETER and enter the setting menu
Type Used ( SR-3 )
Modul choose PPM
if you usedPCM Receiver, you can choose PCM
2. Set the SERVO REVERSE of each channel.
3. Setting the SWASH AFR
Select SWRSH AFRand enter the setting menu
Setting value: RATE AIL +50%ELE +50%PIT -7%

Select TH-CU/NOR and enter the setting menu
5. Set the PITCH CURVE
Select PI-CV/NOR and enter the setting menu
Setting Value: POINT1 15.0% POINT2 33.0% POINT3 53.0%
POINT4 69.5% POINT5 84.0%

Select REVO./NOR and enter the setting menu
Setting Value: POINT1 -100%POINT2-50% POINT3 0%
POINT4+50%POINT5 +100%

7. Finally check to be sure all the setup has been finished.
1. The settings above are just for your reference if you are a beginner, or fly Dexterity 3DX Helicopter the first time.
2. You can set the other types of transmitter according to the settings above by yourself .
3. If you already have been an expert about the helicopter, you can reset the THROTTLE CURVE and PITCH CURVE by yourself according to your experiences and flight demand.
4. If you don¡¯t have any experience or a beginner, please don¡¯t change the parameter at will which have been setup. To be sure you can use it normally and fly it correctly, you should better carry the setup under the guidance of the ones who have experiences.
5. Please read the built up manual of the Dexterity 3DX Helicopter for the other setups.
All setup and discribtion by FLYING-KIT.com copy right