SJM 400 V2 evolves once again, with the unique outward appearance, the optimized design, continues to continue SJM the flight myth! The specialized evolution version model has two, respectively is SJM 400-C Pro and SJM 400-F Pro. The two only difference is the fuselage material quality is different.

SJM 400-C Pro uses is the pure carbon filament fuselage and the liner, not only reveals the noble makings, all has the incomparable superiority in the weight and the intensity aspect.

SJM 400-F Pro uses the Fiberglass filament material quality manufacture fuselage and the liner and so on, it is great for some high quality request player.
Actually did the specialized evolution version have which aspects and the past is dissimilar?
1. The main body fuselage first half part has the change, uses the two-course construction, the design more reasonable, is advantageous for installs the electronic installation, simultaneously the intensity is better.
Body and HeadDesign     Battery Holder

2. The rotor head color turned the primary color and black matching by the champagne gold, we likes this kind of design, it is cruel specialized.

3. A main connecter ball link has completely used new can adjustable loose & tide a ball link, then regarding the installment, opened the solution, the attrition maintenance is more convenient.

4. The Swashplate partial changes biggest, all much bigger than the before SJM helicopter any section Swashplate size, this improvement to increases the control precision to have keep to the suitable place.

5. The foot rest intensity passed through the beefed-up design, when you saw behind the picture will understood.

6. Tail blade changes is apart from partially uses is new parallel straight pushes changes is apart from the system.

7. Main motor have big change, besides lengthened the stator size, makes its margin of power to be bigger, has also installed the initiative radiation ventilator in the motor rear part, to reduces the motor temperature to be able to display the certain potency.
Here lets us compare the picture to penetrate understands SJM 400-C the Pro this section specialized evolution version the charm!  
The main body rack + rotor head transmission partial all is the black tone, after the specialized steady symbolic assembly is spatial machine does not contain the motor the weight only to have 254g to contain the motor, the main blade, tail blade (does not contain Canopy) the weight only to have 342g, first please note the head design, such design favor the electronic installation and battery placing. Simultaneously the nose structural strength also strengthened
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